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​​One-to-one lessons

​​​Income Support Fund​​ for less wealthy families

For children on free school meals, we offer lessons for under

half of the national average price for one-to-one tuition.*

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Every page has room for a mini-composition, so by the end of the year the pupil will have a catalogue of their own compositions, with a summary of everything they learned.

We explore pupils aspirations, and recommend music every week so they have something to aim for.

The study book is designed to reward effort rather than talent - the key to growth mindset.

​​Specially designed to nurture creativity

As well as lending out free music books to all pupils, we give each child a Student Teaching Study Book. These specially designed, colourful books make learning fun and interesting.

Pupils' first task is to pick their own stage name and decorate their study books however they want... and the best one wins a secret musical prize!

*Source​ - Incorporated Society of Musicians survey. Based on the midpoint for all schools in the UK.

Please note that this applies to one-to-one tuition; group instrumental tuition can be considerably cheaper.

​​​Affordable, quality lessons​​ for every child

Student Teaching helps less wealthy families, with lessons at around

just over half the national average price ​for one-to-one tuition.*


Instrument Hire done the nice way

We lend out brand new keyboards and guitars for £10 per half term,

stick with your lessons for a year, and you can keep your instrument forever.

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