Singing clubs for young voices

This vibrant, energetic club is tailored for tots of all abilities, aged 4-7. Think about how many nursery rhymes you know off by heart - and then think how many years it has been since you learned them! A child's capacity for remembering words and tunes is incredible, which means singing is a great tool for early education. Our singing clubs are full of energy, with plenty of catchy tunes that kids can't stop singing!

makes you healthy

Anyone aged 7-11 is welcome to join this group - from beginner singers to young masters of melody. Boys and girls alike will love the enthusiastic atmosphere - and there's nothing more satisfying than belting out those big notes with a group! We explore a range of songs to keep the kids entertained, from modern pop hits, to playground chants, to classical choral pieces!

improves social skills

Singing Starlets F-Y3

School Choirs

doesn't break the bank

Vibrant Voices

enhances memory

makes you clever

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Makes you happy!

builds confidence

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Choirs are one of the best ways to get that warm community atmosphere schools strive for. All our Choir Leaders play the piano and sing, so there's no need to fork out for additional accompanists! With our vast and varied repertoire ranging from choral to modern pop, we'll find the perfect songs to represent your school.

benefits listening skills

Why sing? Because it...