This club is the perfect introduction to music for children aged  4-7. We bring interesting instruments from all over the world and assign each one to an animal - the children play along with various stories, and even have the chance to write their own! As well as learning over 20 instruments, children will explore creativity, teamwork, literacy and logic.

Musical Storytellers

Did you know?

We tune our instruments to a pentatonic scale, so there are no wrong notes!

World Music for young minds

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This group is great for children aged  7-11, whether they're already interested in music, or their journey is just beginning. We bring a massive mixture of weird and wonderful instruments from every continent, and give children the chance to learn about the origins, history and traditions. As ever, our hands on approach means we cram in as much practical performance as possible!

Rhythm is one of the most important aspect of music, and banging on drums is really really fun. This noisy, energetic club is a brilliant release for lively children and a chance for the shy to let loose!

Musical Globetrotters

Rhythms of the World