Group Tuition

More ways to play together

Ukulele clubs for budding guitarists

Their small size and finger-friendly nylon strings are brilliant for beginners. It is remarkably easy to learn basic chord patterns, making them the perfect introduction to string instruments.

Tin Whistle for young folk musicians

Our Folk Whistle ensembles are taught in the traditional method of call and response – children will be reeling off jigs and jigging to reels in no time. Learn the rudiments of melody and rhythm.

African Drumming for percussionists

Rhythm and pulse are at the heart of music, and learning the djembe is the perfect introduction to these key concepts.

Junkyard Jukebox for DIY eco-warriors

Transform household rubbish into workable instruments to take home. This shows children that thinking outside the box can reduce the amount of waste by making music out of it.

Musical Storytellers for budding writers

We bring interesting instruments from all over the world and assign each one to an animal – children create their own soundtracks to our specially written, delightfully quaint fables.

Why group tuition?