One to one lessons

the best way to learn an instrument

Affordable, quality lessons for every child

Student Teaching helps less wealthy families, with lessons at around

half the national average price for one-to-one tuition.*


Instrument Hire done the nice way

We lend out brand new keyboards and guitars for £10 per half term: stick with your lessons for a year, and you can keep your instrument forever.


Further discounts for children on Pupil Premium

Families in a lower income bracket pay even less for lessons – schools can invest Pupil Premium funding to make lessons completely free of charge.

Writing music is one of the most satisfying parts of learning an instrument, and with the right guidance, any child is capable of creating beautiful music. We build in composition to our curriculum from the very first lessons, allowing children to find their own musical voice.

We don’t think that learning ‘from the book’ is for every child, so we have a flexible approach to lessons. We teach pupils to understand and perform the music that excites them.

How can a child become a jazz musician if they have never heard Miles Davis? We recommend music every week to broaden our pupils’ musical taste.

Every child can benefit from a music education. Rewarding effort, not talent, allows us to get the very best from every pupil.